My tracking shows “Delivered”, but I do not have my package. Now what?

-Your package may have been prematurely scanned as “delivered” when it hasn’t made it quite to your house; believe it or not, we’ve seen cases where it may still show up a day or so after it’s marked as “delivered”. We suggest giving your order a few extra days after it has been marked delivered to see if it will arrive. 

-If it still has not arrived, the first step is to check your confirmation email to make sure the order was sent to the correct address. If the address is incorrect, it could be sent back to us or delivered to a neighbor.

-The second step is to check with your neighbors to make sure the USPS did not deliver it to the wrong house.


-If you have had no luck, give your local Post Office a call to see if they might have a more detailed answer as to where your ring might be.

-Lastly, if all previous steps have not worked, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help!


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