What are the main differences in the QALO ring styles?

-Starting with similarities, all QALO rings (except our Thin Line designs) will have either a stamped or embossed emblem that you can see on the outside of the band (depending on the style of ring).

-Also, all of the rings are made of silicone, just different colors (depending on your preference), as well as a thinner band for the women's rings.

-BUT, not all QALO rings are created equal! Here are some of the main differences:

-Q2X is our silicone material that allows your QALO ring to work functionally under extreme conditions and harsh elements. This durable material was designed specifically for people who design, create, and make with their hands (think mechanics, chefs, woodworkers, etc.). Q2X is 10X more resistant to gasoline, oil, and household chemicals, non-conductive, and extremely temperature tolerant. Q2X is also less rigid than the Classic QALO rings, but maintain the same pliable silicone feeling.

The Perforated rings are made out of a higher tensile strength silicone that should stretch up to 18% less than our classic rings. The reimagined design allows for increased airflow and higher breathability. They have a slimmer design so the ring sits closer to your finger to avoid catching/rolling against your favorite athletic equipment, durable enough to last through any workout!


Both the Q2X and Perforated rings will fit true to traditional ring size, whereas the Classic QALO run about a size snug.


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