Why was my transaction declined?

-The problem: The billing information at the checkout (i.e. The billing address and zip code, the expiration date, security code etc.) is incorrect or not matching with the information that your bank has.

-The resolution: Please double check all of the billing information that is entered on our site matches the information associated with your card. Then, head back to our website ( and place another order with the correct information and it should process just fine.

-You may notice that there are pending charges on your bank account from previous attempts, we ask for your patience as the banks verify that the funds have not been deposited into our account, they will usually disappear in 24-48 hours. (The amount of time it takes for the pending charges to disappear is dependent on your bank’s policy.

-If you do not see the pending charges drop off within more than 10 business days, we suggest giving your bank a quick call to clear things up.)


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